Cows and Trails

Now that the Forest Service trails are open again, it’s time to talk about cows. Mostly cows are gentle creatures, however at least one report of injuries from an attacking cow occurred in July. A nervous cow with a calf knocked two hikers off of a steep, narrow trail. The cow may have been doubly apprehensive because of unleashed dogs nearby. If you find cows on the trail, don’t attempt to shoo them away. Take a detour or wait until they’ve cleared the trail. The calves are getting older so cows should become less apprehensive as the summer goes on, but still, take care.

The recent rains opened up the national forests to hikers again, but also caused erosion damage. If you find a spot which needs help from trained trail volunteers, be sure to post observations on this website. The TAOSF always needs volunteers, so contact us via the website.

Margaret Alexander

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