Trails During the Pandemic

Most of us have seen an uptick in trail use during the pandemic shutdown. Parking lots are full to over-flowing. We have lots of trails to spread out on and folks are used to moving off the trail as they meet others. Please try to go to trails and parks which don’t receive as many visitors.

A photo of the Rio en Medio “trail head,” such that it is, was posted on FaceBook, jammed with cars with neighbors horrified by the trash and illegal parking. The U.S. Forest Service is considering shutting down the parking area as described in this press release: Rio en Medio

The Trails Alliance of Santa Fe usually sends out crews of volunteers to work on our trails during the summer. To adhere to our governor’s guidelines for the pandemic, our crews have been limited to five people. Our usual first-Monday-of-the-month lunch meetings at Il Vicino in Santa Fe have been suspended. Until meetings can resume, our calendar of activities, including work days, will look very bare.

If you’d like to help out during the pandemic, please consider make a donation. You’ll find an easy to use donate button at the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe website.

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