Goal Reached!! – Help Build the Access Trail into the Glorieta Camps

November 2017

We need your help to raise $2,500 for the “Glorieta Access Trail”!

BACKGROUND: Glorieta Camps world-class trail system has played host to many important Mt. Bike events over the last few years, including the Big Mountain Enduro, and the USA Cycling State Championships.  Currently, however, access to all the Camps trails is ONLY by permission only, usually  during organized events and races.  The Santa Fe Fat Tire Society (SFFTS) worked with Glorieta Camps to design an access trail that avoids the main campus area and connects with all of those cool trails surrounding the perimeter.

The “Glorieta Access Trail” will be hand built by volunteers under the direction of SFFTS Crew Leaders, but this project NEEDS FUNDING. Your contribution will cover the costs of every aspect of this trail build, including paying for supplies and equipment, providing food and drinks to the volunteers, trail signage, access gates, fencing removal, as well as printing and distribution of trail material.

This project is part of the International Mountain Biking Association’s (IMBA) “Dig-In” Campaign! Some of your donation will also support IMBA’s continued efforts at protecting our trails and increasing our national mountain bike network.  “Dig-In” is  68 different projects in 31 US states and the Glorieta access trail is the only project in the New Mexico state.

This is IMPORTANT Because: The “Glorieta Access Trail” will be open to the public for hiking and biking, providing on-demand access to Glorieta Camps’ extensive trail network…opening the Camps trails to all of us!

Please go to https://win.imba.com/digin and make a contribution to the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society Project.

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