Another Resource for Finding Trail Conditions

Every hiker has set out on a trail only to discover that conditions were other than expected, even if the hiker was familiar with the trail from past visits or from consulting a hiking guide. Access roads, trailheads, creek crossing, trail regulations, and the trails themselves are always changing. To help hikers avoid surprises and prepare for their outings, the Trails Alliance of Santa Fe has created an online message board where hikers can share current information about trail conditions (information too timely for a guidebook). About closures, washouts, snow, mud, missing signs, damaged bridges, navigational challenges, difficult crossings, access road problems, etc. – whatever hikers believe other hikers would want to know before setting out on the trail. The message board is a shared and open resource. Anyone can check the board before a hike. Anyone can contribute new or updated information after a hike. At present, the message board covers all sixty-eight trails in the Sierra Club’s Day Hikes in the Santa Fe Area (Eighth Edition). The board is accessible from any computer or smartphone at

Here’s a link to a poster we hope to put at a lot of trailheads. Trail condition Poster

Nick Knorr

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