Disappearing Dirt

On the La Tierra Trails, mitigating chronic erosion has been an evolutionary process. Dirt grade reversals (i.e. building up dirt berms across a trail to divert water) have not held up. They disappear after just one season. Lately we’ve experimented with laying a foundation of modest-sized boulders to insure that the berm holds up over time. In some cases the dirt “ramp” leading up to the rocks has not stayed in place or was built too short. We’re learning and modifying the work we do.

A new grade reversal means that mountain bikers at speed need to take extra care on sections of the trails where there are severe ruts and gullies.

Here’s a link to what volunteers did at La Tierra this April – La Tierra April Work Days

Please let us know if you come upon trail problems. There’s a place to report on this page.

Getting involved with trail maintenance is a good way to understand changes that happen to your favorite trail. Trails Alliance members are trained to analyze trail problems and come up with sustainable solutions. If you want to get involved contact tim@sfct.org and check the calendar on this website for our next work day.

Margaret Alexander

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