Trail Work and Pandemic News 11/17/20

Even during the pandemic Santa Fe’s trails are undergoing care. Tim Roger’s ( work crews are limited to five but continue to improve trails in La Tierra, Dale Ball, Sun Mountain and Atalaya. Please let him know if you’d like to work alongside of knowledgeable volunteers who know how to build sustainable trails that don’t wash away at the first rain gusher (long lost though they might be).

New trail builds haven’t stopped either. The Chili Line Trail in La Tierra will add a history lesson about Santa Fe’s railroad era. New trails are being planned in the Galisteo Basin. A new neighborhood trail along Camino de los Montoyas offers a safe route by a road which has no shoulder for walkers or bikes.

The pandemic is not going away so all of us need to do an even better job at social distancing and wearing a mask. Avoiding packed parking lots at trailheads is one technique for finding trails less traveled. Always wear a mask because you never know who will appear around the next bend. If possible step off the trail to let someone else pass no closer than six feet.

Margaret Alexander

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