Wider and Wider, Uglier and Uglier

Our local trails are just drying out from the snow melt, however, mud season will last off and on through the monsoons.  Everyone knows about growing an inch or more as mud gloms onto the bottom of shoes.  What folks don’t know is how biking, hiking, or riding in muddy conditions can severely damage trails.

Divots and grooves are obvious damage that often gets ironed out as time goes on. Until then, the divots and grooves are dangerous for bikers and hikers.  What’s permanent is the damage caused when we try to avoid the mud and walk beside the trail.  The trail gets wider and wider, uglier and uglier.

If you get caught in the mud, please, please, walk or ride through it down the middle of the trail.

Yes, you’ll get dirty, shoes and tires, but a hose job can wash off the muck.  If you want beautiful single track, you have to stay in it.  Detours around the mud cause permanent damage.

1000 pounds of horse does even more damage to the sides of trails.  Responsible riders need to stay off of muddy trails.

So riders, walkers, bikers, please respect the trails and stay away on mud days.  There are lots of paved trails to substitute or try an arroyo instead.

Margaret Alexander


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